Still Celebrating…With Food!

imageIt’s been just over a week since Lingering Touch came out. There’s been so much activity surrounding it! I added a section to the Lingering Touch page on my web site just to track all the guest blog posts, features, and interviews! <3

I’m thrilled to have been interviewed on the USA Today Happy Ever After blog site (check out my new glasses!). There’s also a feature on MJ Schiller, Romance Author‘s site. I wrote a guest blog post for Fresh Fiction about who I’d cast as the characters in Lingering Touch if it were made into a movie. I also wrote a guest blog post for Ever After that I hope you’ll enjoy.

LT_Celebration1Aside from all this traveling around the Internet, I’ve been celebrating right here at home. Well, at some of my favorite restaurants. I had an absolutely decadent solo-lunch with just me and my book. It’s hard to tell with the lighting, but that is a perfectly cooked filet (I did say it was decadent).

The servers might have thought I was strange, sitting there by myself with my book staring back at me. Now that I think about it, I probably should have explained. It was great fun just reading Lingering Touch and taking a few moments to catch my breath and enjoy a rare treat. Medium rare, anyway 😉

LT_Celebration2There have been many celebratory beverages, mostly of the mocha variety, and a lovely lunch date with my husband at our favorite Indian restaurant. So. Much. Naan. <3


I’m getting back on track with eating healthier now and returning to my routine. The next Department of Homeworld Security novellas need to be written, and oh boy are the ideas coming for that. It’s been an amazing time. I can’t believe so much celebrating has fit into one week! And there’s still more to come. Stay tuned 😀




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