Resident Alien is Back (almost)!

Hi, everybody! I have another surprise for you. The cover reveal for Resident Alien! You can see it in the rest of this post…or on Amazon 😀

That’s right, Resident Alien is already available for pre-order! And I have more news from The Department of Homeworld Security series for you.

Homeworld Icon

Before I get into that, let me show you the newest cover <3

Resident Alien, by Cassandra Chandler

Ta-da! Isn’t it lovely? Excuse me a moment while I just stare at my fictional friends… *ahem*

I’ve already mentioned that I adored the first two covers for this series enough that I bought them from my dearly departed publisher, Samhain Publishing. The couples capture the energy between the main characters so well. I tweaked them with a cool space background and added the new series logo I designed.

Kira is another kick-ass heroine (literally, in this book, as she kicks some vampire space frog butt in this story). She has a vulnerability to her though that really moves me every time I read her story. She and Brendan are such a great couple and a wonderful team. It makes me glad that they’re at the head of the newly formed Department of Homeworld Security in this world! That group will keep expanding in the upcoming novellas.

I released the third book in the series, Business or Pleasure, last summer. I took it down when I signed it and another new Homeworld story with Samhain, but alas it didn’t quite make it out with them. Never fear, though, because it will be back up again in a few weeks!

Last night, I was working on the cover for Business or Pleasure (which is looking great, with a super cute picture of Paige and Khel <3 ). To make sure the font for the title matched the first two books, I used the Gray Card cover text as a reference. When I was ready to quit for the night, I realized that I had only changed the first word in the title, so I had created a cover for…Business Card. XD  I almost want to write a story with that name, just to see how it comes out.

Anyway… Here’s the part where I reveal my master plan for the series for 2017. Are you sitting down?

I plan to release a Department of Homeworld Security novella every month for six months!

I know, right? It’s going to be AWESOME!

Gray Card kicked it all off this month, and then Resident Alien will come out in April (a year after it was originally released by Samhain). Business or Pleasure will be out in May. Remember, these three novellas are the same as the ones that were originally published. If you already bought them, no need to get another copy. But in June, July, and August, you’ll get three all new Homeworld novellas! They’re all going to be in Kindle Unlimited. That’s my plan, at least.

Wish me luck! And buckle up, because it’s going to be a heck of a ride 😀

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