Business or Pleasure—New Cover Reveal!

The third novella in The Department of Homeworld Security series, Business or Pleasure, is coming out on May 9! Are you ready for the reveal of the new cover?

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(Of course it’s after the jump!)


Business or Pleasure, by Cassandra Chandler

I had so much fun putting this cover together. It does a much better job capturing the light-hearted nature of the series than the original cover (which had its own things going for it).

Paige and Khel were such a fun couple to write. He would follow her anywhere—into danger, adventure, even the women’s locker room 😉 This was certainly the most dynamic of the novellas so far. It should be available for pre-order some time next week!

Remember, this is a re-release, so if you bought the original novella in June of 2016, this is the same story. I think I changed a couple of commas, but that’s it 🙂

I’m hard at work on the fourth novella. There are so many stories still to tell in this world and so much to discover.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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