Short, Sexy, Scifi…in Print!

Greetings, readers! Remember that super-secret surprise I mentioned last week (that my newsletter subscribers already know about 😉 ). Well, here it is!

The first three Department of Homeworld Security novellas are now available in a print compilation! Check it out 🙂


But there’s more!

I’ve written around 7,000 words of all-new content that you can only get in the print compilation 🙂 You get to see the moment when Adam and Evelyn met and when Kira and Brendan spoke for the first time—from both of their points of view! I’ve also added a little bonus snippet at the end, with Khel and Paige aboard the Arbiter.

Plus, you can hold it in your hands….like this 🙂


Or stack it with your other favorite books, like this!


Just make sure you leave room for more, because I finished the draft of the fourth novella last night and am diving straight into the fifth one! The Department of Homeworld Security series is moving full speed ahead.

Thanks for reading 😀

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