Sitting at the Crossroads

They say spirits and demons can become trapped at crossroads. At least in the stories and legends. It turns out, so can writers.


I have so many directions I could go at the moment that I haven’t been able to set foot down any path. There’s a feeling of importance hanging over me right now. Something is about to happen with my writing. Something is about to change. It’s making it harder for me to take that first step, to finally open up a project—any project—and get writing again.

What if I move in the wrong direction? What if I miss some wonderful opportunity?

I don’t know what the future holds, but I am painfully aware of my present. The pain that comes from a writer who isn’t giving themselves time to write.

My release schedule last year was crazy, but the writing itself wasn’t. I thought I needed to slow down, but now I’m realizing that isn’t the case. I’m happiest when I’m writing fast-fast-fast.

The biggest lesson I learned after taking some time off from writing is that I don’t want or need time off! Sure, I may need a break from the marketing and the publishing research and all the things that are tangential to writing, but not from getting the words down themselves.

I have the next Department of Homeworld Security novella completely outlined. It will be fun and joyful to write. Most of all, it’s ready to write. Now.

There’s planning that needs to be done for all of my series. And I need a roadmap for my projects, just like I need an outline to write (another lesson learned over the past few months). But that will come after the words are flowing once more.

I’m tired of sitting at this crossroad and looking down the paths. It’s time to start moving again.


Published by

Cassandra Chandler

USA Today Bestselling author of Paranormal and Science Fiction Romance — sometimes in the same book!

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