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What are you reading lately? I just finished From the Stars by C.S. Wilde and I’m pretty sure she’s my new favorite Scifi Romance author! Check out this gorgeous cover…


From the Stars is the story of an alien scientist who has taken on human form to study us. She decides she wants to experience love—even though opening herself to strong emotion is illegal in her society. Enter James Bauman—human, nerd, and my new best friend (Seriously, James… Please be real and somewhere so we can geek out over coffee).

There’s a dreamy quality to the story, as James struggles to come to terms with his fantasies becoming reality—and the disparities between the two—and Miriam struggles to understand what it means to be human, how we think and feel. Some of my favorite moments in the story were when she had a thought that was provoked by an emotion, but she didn’t realize it and was confused. I found myself laughing as I thought, “Miriam, you have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into.”

I loved having the chance to be sucked into James and Miriam’s relationship and learning about them as people as well as the worlds they both live in. The main threat built momentum alongside that elegantly. And the prose is amazing. C.S. has a lyrical quality in her writing voice, with passages I couldn’t help but highlight to go back to over and over again.

This segment is when I knew this book was something special:

When he first met me, something birthed in him. Something kind and shiny, like gold or silver. Or a star. And I wanted, no, needed to experience it as well.

A star inside someone, what a remarkable thing…

Excerpt from From the Stars, by C.S. Wilde

OMG, that last line.

And then this part:

We enter, and James places himself far from where I’m standing, a distance much greater than normal. This leaves a bitter sensation under my skin, almost as if the space between us has invisible, thorny fingers that dig into my flesh.

Hmm, curious.

Excerpt from From the Stars, by C.S. Wilde

C.S. captures the alien-ness of Mir’s thoughts so well—and her longing for understanding, even when Mir doesn’t really understand what “longing” is.

From the Stars is Scifi Romance at its best. Grounded in the relatable, reaching into the extraordinary, it had me laughing, holding my breath, and rooting for this couple to find their way to an HEA.

Now to read the next rest! 😀

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