Nothing to Declare — 2 Days Left!

The countdown to Nothing to Declare is nearing its end! But the adventure is only beginning.

For this slow-paced Sunday, what better kitty company than…


Dopey! Siamese are another of my favorite breeds. I had the lovey-est, dopey-est Siamese cat. He was the best pet ever! So, this guy had to be Dopey 💖

Dopey is probably another of the cats who stayed in the background when things got real at the Look Again Pet Parlor in the fictional town of Harbor, Kansas. I’m not sure he even realized what was going on!

What was going on, you ask? You’ll have to read Nothing to Declare to find out 😉

Make sure you pre-order your copy of Nothing to Declare now so you can read it as soon as it’s out!



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