Caturdays in Cassland — Bashful

I have written a lot of cats into my stories! With the allergies in my household, we can’t have anything with fur or feathers (we do have some fish and plants, though!). I think that’s part of why so many of them show up in my books!


In Nothing to Declare, there were actually seven cats that factored into the story (and that were mentioned again in Rate of Return!). I’m going to be revisiting them—as well as the other cats that show up in my stories—on #Caturday here on my blog for the next… Wow, I think it’ll take a couple of months!

Let’s get started with… Bashful!

She’s one of Mrs. Simpkins’s seven cats. Bashful is an Abyssinian cat (one of my favorite breeds) and has a sweet, shy personality…until she’s provoked 😉

You can see more of Bashful and the other cats in Mrs. Simpkins’s clowder in Nothing to Declare!

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