Caturdays in Cassland — Happy

I adore black cats. I’ve had several in my life and knew that Mrs. Simpkins’s clowder wouldn’t feel complete to me unless she had one. Meet Happy!


Happy is an even-tempered little guy. He’s always up for snuggles, but is also very self-sufficient. He can turn anything into a cat toy and is just a joy to be around 💖 He’s not as big as some of the other cats in the clowder, but never lets that slow him down or stop him from wrestling with the others.

Except for Sneezy, of course. She’s just not into that.

You can see more of Happy and the other cats in Mrs. Simpkins’s clowder in Nothing to Declare!

Nothing to Declare 400 px Cover


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Cassandra Chandler

USA Today Bestselling author of Paranormal and Science Fiction Romance — sometimes in the same book!

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