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I always joke that my Book Club had to wait for way too long for the fifth novella in my Scifi Romance series, The Department of Homeworld Security. They would listen to me talk about this new alien, Craig, from the Lyra system, and asked over and over when he would appear on the page. I had an idea for his story, but wasn’t sure where to put it in the line up.

We get to meet Craig in Entry Visa. The biggest challenge in writing this book was keeping Craig in the background. He is just so larger than life! I did my best to keep the focus on Henry and Vay, who are probably the sweetest of my couples (but still manage to keep the heat cranked up!). Craig still ended up being everybody’s favorite. In fact, he might just be the most popular figure in the entire series!

Part of that is probably because of my own deep love for the Lyrian. I spent two years making a four-foot tall puppet version of him! It… wasn’t supposed to be that big… But it gives great hugs and does indeed have four arms.

There I go again, talking about Craig when I should be talking about Henry and Vay.

Entry Visa was another story that had its origins in a concept that also matched the coalescing direction of the series. The first line of the blurb says it all:

“When Henry’s parents died unexpectedly, he dealt with his grief the way any healthy biologist would—by moving into their cabin to begin searching for Bigfoot.”

This is another story that packs a lot of emotion into a short space. Henry is dealing with the loss not only of his parents but of the mysterious woman that he met on Christmas Eve. I wrote Henry and Vay’s first encounter as a short story that I published first here on this blog.

The stakes get really high in this book, and we get to see more of Zemanni, the Scorpiian assassin that everybody loves to hate.

A second chance they never expected…

When Henry’s parents died unexpectedly, he dealt with his grief the way any healthy biologist would—by moving into their cabin to begin searching for Bigfoot. As if he’s not processing enough, the mysterious woman he fell head-over-heels for on Christmas Eve shows up on his doorstep—in the middle of the woods. She says she can only visit for a few days, but he’s desperate for more time. “Forever” would work well…

Vay never thought she’d see Henry again, until a rogue energy signature is discovered near his isolated cabin. Even though she’s the least experienced Sadirian soldier working with the Department of Homeworld Security, she convinces her commanding officer to send her to track down the source of the alien signal. After all, how likely is it to be the Scorpiian assassin everyone’s so afraid of?

But Henry has fallen in with the wrong crowd—a pair of Lyrians, aka Bigfeet, who have decided to “adopt” him as their own. And they aren’t the only aliens lurking in Henry’s woods. Can Vay keep Henry and his new family safe and still complete her mission?

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