Caturdays in Cassland — Dopey

Siamese are another of my favorite breeds. I had the lovey-est, dopey-est Siamese cat. He was the best pet ever! When I saw this picture, I knew this guy had to be Dopey 💖


I never base characters off of real people, but I do sometimes base them on animals I’ve known. Dopey is very much based on the sweet, loveable…not-very-smart Siamese I had as a child. The birds taunted him into jumping out of a second story window…twice.

Anyway, Mrs. Simpkins’s Dopey is just as lovely as my cat was, though he’s lucky enough to have six other cats watching out for him. I don’t think Doc would put up with Dopey jumping out of a tall window, and the rest of the clowder would definitely step in to keep him safe.

Remember, I write fiction. So, my cats can do what I want 😉

You can see more of Dopey and the other cats in Mrs. Simpkins’s clowder in Nothing to Declare!

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