Caturdays in Cassland — Grumpy

When I did my first introduction of Mrs. Simpkins’s cats, I had this idea to do a countdown to the release day of Nothing to Declare, since that’s the book where they were introduced. I didn’t get the idea till six days before launch, so one cat was left out.

You can imagine, he’s pretty Grumpy about it 😆


Grumpy is another of the older cats in the clowder. He’s stand-offish, though he loves his family dearly. Just don’t tell him I told you that.

Grumpy prefers a space heater to a cat-pile, though he also enjoys snuggling up on Mrs. Simpkins’s lap. In fact, he claims that space more than the other cats, and glares at them very disapprovingly if someone else dares to take his place.

He doesn’t play much, but he does watch over the others. Condescendingly, of course.

You can see more of Grumpy and the other cats in Mrs. Simpkins’s clowder in Nothing to Declare!

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