It’s my 5-Year Indieversary!

On March 26 of 2016, I published my first Indie piece. It’s a superhero short story called “Second Sight.” 

In college, I was working on several comic book projects, and even tried my hand at drawing them. In the end, sequential-art storytelling just wasn’t for me. It takes me too long to write the story, draw everything, ink it, color it, etc. I decided sticking with prose was the best option for me to get out as many stories as I can (and there are so many of them swimming around in my head!). 

Back in 2016, I knew starting another series probably wasn’t the best idea, since at the time I was publishing two series with a traditional publishing house. But I also really wanted to dive into the Indie world. So, I wrote this little piece as an experiment. And readers loved it!

    Second Sight, by Cassandra Chandler

Second Sight” is the first of the Seconds series, set in a world where people are starting to be born with superpowers. The first generation was almost destroyed after being discovered, so the second began using secret identities to protect themselves and their loved ones.

I had a lot of fun playing with form in this short story, and wrote it in first person present POV. And there are so many layers of meaning in the title. “Second Sight” is about a woman named Andi who has the superpower of precognition (second sight). She fell in love at first sight with her girlfriend, Lesya, and finds out some things in this short story that make her fall in love at second sight as well 💖

Readers really loved this story. They wanted more. And I want to write more in this series—so much that I actually wrote another short story to go with this one. Realizing I was just being pulled in too many directions, I took them both down, knowing I’ll eventually return to Andi and Lesya’s world.

In the meantime, you can get a super-special treat and listen to me narrating the original unabridged short story!

Soundwise is a platform I’ll be using more going forward. I’m working on a podcast for it, and hope to start distributing more audio files through their platform.

I actually also have an audio file of the second short story, “Second Skin.” Let me know if you liked “Second Sight” in the comments below or by sending me an email, and I just might be convinced to put it up on Soundwise for you as well 😉 In any case, I’d love to know what you think.

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