Nuar is Available for Pre-Order!

I’m so excited to let you know that the first Cygnian 7 book, Nuar: A Scifi Alien Warriors Romance, is available for pre-order! 💖

You can get it from many distributors. Be sure to order it now so it shows up on your eReader on August 31!

Here’s an excerpt for you to enjoy (it’s after the bump, of course 😉 ).

“How hard did you hit me?” he asked, more to distract her while he worked than anything else.
“As hard as I could,” she said.
He chuckled. It was rare that he was able to treat such an injury. He knew the basics of fixing broken bones, but for a Cygnian to suffer an injury like this… He couldn’t think of a scenario that would cause it.
His bracers cast light on her hand, the wavelength providing healing radiation that penetrated to her bones. At the same time, they sent a vibration to activate and accelerate her body’s own healing potential.
“What is that?” she said, and this time, he was certain her voice was laced with curiosity.
“It’s a healing field. Cygnian technology is founded on light and vibration. Much of it is in spectra and bandwidths you can’t perceive, but they have an impact on your physiology.”
“That’s amazing.” She carefully extended her fingers. “It doesn’t hurt at all anymore.”
Her scowl softened into a smile as she stared at her hand, testing out more movement. The sight of that slight smile made his hearts beat more strongly. Something in his chest coiled tight, as if readying itself for action. But what?
The healing complete, he deactivated his wristbands and let his arms drop to his sides.
“See?” he said. “I’m not such a bad guy after all.”
The ghost of her smile vanished instantly. Her gaze snapped back to his as she scowled.

If you want to learn more about the universe that spawned the Cygnian 7, you can get the first six novellas in The Department of Homeworld Security in a convenient Omnibus form!

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