Special Guest Post – S.J. Pajonas!

I declare today “Finn Friday!” A very good boy like this deserves a special blog post on his day.

To commemorate this special occasion, it is my honor to present to you a guest post from none other than S.J. Pajonas, one of my colleagues in this year’s Pets in Space® anthology! Here’s a picture of her pet, Finn. Isn’t he adorable? 💖 Read on to learn more about her story in Pets in Space 6!

Suri’s Sure Thing

S. J. Pajonas

On the planet Orihime, the native population has a special animal translation chip that people can opt-in to have implanted between the ages of 8 and 25. Once you have the chip, you are then able to pair with the animals of the planet, either wild or domesticated. Being paired means that you’re able to communicate with your animal, and you form a bond that lasts their lifetime.

Not everyone is lucky enough to meet their pair, and some people will pair with more than one animal in their lifetime. You just never know. In general, if you pair with a dog, then dogs are your animal. You tend to stick to the same kind of animal throughout your life.

Suri’s pair is a loving and happy Golden Retriever named Finn. Finn is a good boy, yes, he is. He’s a fun, derpy, and silly dog, and he balances out Suri’s serious personality. He’s good at reading people and finding out if they’re genuine or lying, lying pants on fire. Finn loves to be pet, and he’s always looking for some love. 

Finn is also a fantastic scout! Suri can send him off to spy on others or to grab someone she needs to talk to. He’s got a sensitive nose too. He never gets lost, and he can always find Suri if he’s separated from her. 

When Suri is down from outer space, he’s always by her side, available for a cuddle or a waiting for a snack. When Suri is working in space, Finn hangs out with Erik, Suri’s best friend, and his pair, Tsuki, a Shiba Inu. Tsuki is his best dog pal, and they often get into trouble together. But Erik is the kind and caring type, and he’s never annoyed when they get up to their hijinks together. Suri couldn’t ask for better friends.

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