Welcome November!

The year is truly winding down now and the weather is definitely changing. Leaves are turning, the wind has a sharp chill, and we’re starting the work of settling in for winter.

I love this time of year. We get out our cold weather gear—hats and scarves I’ve knitted for the family. Warm beverages are a must, and there’s a definite increase in the amount of snuggles.

I know that eventually my family will be grown and these moments will be memories. That makes me cherish them even more.

As we head into the winter holiday season, I hope to craft more conscious memories for all of us to look back on fondly. It seems like a good time to start new traditions and work toward setting up our relationships to last through the coming changes as we all grow.

There’s still time to build something as the year comes to a close. I intend to make the most of it and enter 2022 renewed and ready to welcome in even more to be grateful for.

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