“Becca should have found him menacing…”

Tuesdays are a great day for teasers! How about this scene from my latest release, Kral: A Scifi Alien Warriors Romance, where Becca and Kral meet for the first time. Becca’s brother, Buddy, is not a fan of this idea.

Of course, it’s after the bump 😉

Becca’s heartbeat kicked up. She had trouble remembering to breathe. Her skin prickled into more goosebumps.

Hearing his voice made a very pleasant heat build deep in her belly and brought a strange ache to her chest. An ache she mercilessly stomped.

Men were trouble. Especially hot men. Becca got her fill of them on nights when she hung out with Amy at The Parched Flamingo where Amy tended bar. They had both listened to way too many victory stories from drunk guys talking about conquests—and seen too many women taken in by a gorgeous face or a smoking body. Judging by Sophie’s reaction, this guy must be downright volcanic.

“May I enter?” Kral asked.

“Sure,” Sophie said.

At the same time, Buddy yelled, “No, you may not.”

Buddy let go of Becca’s arm and started toward the door. Sophie was already opening it wider. Becca wanted to grab Buddy to stop him and tell him he was being rude, but she was frozen in place.

The man outside—because he was still outside—stepped into the house. He hadn’t been blocked by the door. In fact Becca wasn’t sure it could hide him if he tore it off the hinges and held the thing in front of him, which he looked absolutely capable of doing. The front door looked tiny next to him.

He ducked under the lintel, gripping it with one huge hand as if to help gauge how low it was compared to his head. Pickles was tucked against his chest, resting in the crook of Kral’s arm and smiling like the happiest pup in the world.

Becca could hardly blame him.

Once Kral was inside, he stood. His entire head was above the height of the door. If he rose up on his toes, she was pretty sure he’d bonk the ceiling.

Sophie backed away a step, her eyes wide as she stared at him. He turned to shut the door, giving Becca a great view of his broad back, tight backside, and sculpted legs. The jeans he wore were so tight, she could see the lines of muscle pressing against the fabric.

Where the hell did he find clothes his size?

He wore metal wristbands that would have looked dorky on anyone else, but he somehow managed to pull off. They weren’t quite chrome, but reflected the light almost as well.

His hair was more a mane of dark brown, broken into wavy strands with highlights like someone who spent most of their time in the ocean and sun. He turned around, revealing a full beard that completed the wild and windblown look. A necklace of shining, clear crystals rested on his chest, with some kind of amulet in the center.

With his shoulders hunched a bit, towering over Sophie, Becca should have found him menacing as hell. If a guy who looked like this walked into the sub shop when she was working, she would immediately be on high alert. Instead, more of that molten fire poured through her veins.

Kral looked over at her, his eyes a deep shade of orange that she’d never seen on anyone before. She swore he made a low, deep growl that she felt more than heard.

Then he was walking toward her and the rest of the world seemed to vanish. It was just her and this giant, hulking, gorgeous guy, falling toward each other like—

“Hey, Kral, this isn’t a good time.” Buddy stepped between them, breaking the spell.

The Cygnian 7 series is so much fun to write. Things definitely get a little grittier than in my Department of Homeworld Security series, but the love, light, and laughter that run through all my stories is still there.

He’s waited long enough.

Kral has respected the wishes of others for long enough. His new human friends, his parents, the king and queen of Cygnus-Prime. Earth might not be ready to know that aliens are real, but his soulmate is. He can feel it—feel her. And nothing will stop him from claiming her.

For months, Becca Myers has been feeling a growing restlessness, like the electric crackle in the air before a storm. She knows that change is coming, but not how or…who. She never imagines that change is coming in the form of a huge, blue warrior determined to make her his own—let alone that he’s the prince of an alien world.

Their coming together will set off a chain of events that will shape the future of both their worlds. But with enemies targeting them and those they love, will they survive to see it?

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