My “No Ghosts” Policy

I have a strict “No Ghosts” policy in our house with very few exceptions. If anyone in the household mentions noticing anything that seems suspicious to me, I’ll go ahead and smudge the house or go through it with a drum or something (many cultures use sound to purify energy or spaces).

Drums can go over better if anyone in the household is struggling with allergies that would be set off by incense. Drums don’t always go over so well with the neighbors, so I generally tend to use incense instead 😁

I don’t know that I would call myself clairsentient—at least, not any more than anyone else. My mom did teach me how to read auras while I was growing up, and sometimes, I would see an aura when there was no one there to cast it. Was it a ghost? Or was it just the overactive imagination of a child?

I don’t really think I’ll ever know for sure, but it definitely makes great fodder for writing Paranormal Romance, like The Summer Park Psychics!



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