Psychic Stones

The scene where Rachel makes a special protective necklace for Elsa is in both Whispering Hearts and Lingering Touch. I loved getting to explore that scene from both Jazz and Rachel’s perspectives.



The Summer Park Psychics, book three

“Snowflake obsidian, fluorite, and opal, as requested,” Jazz said. “I picked out three that looked like you could make them work in a necklace.”

“These are perfect, thanks.”

They were in a small sealed plastic bag. Rachel opened it, then let the stones tumble gently onto her hand. She set them on the table reverently.

The snowflake obsidian was black with little gray speckles that looked like snow. Obsidian was used in metaphysical work with the subconscious. Snowflake obsidian specifically could be used in meditation and rituals designed to help a person manifest their most authentic self.

Fluorite, on the other hand, was about boundaries and concentration. Jazz used it when she really needed to focus on a project and didn’t want to be distracted by outside influences.

The one she’d picked out had lots of blue and purple flowing through the translucent body of the stone, which would bring out the iridescent qualities of the otherwise milky-white opal. Opal was used for journeying and balance.

Journeying… Was the necklace meant for Elsa?

Rachel was linking the stones together, wrapping the jewelry wire around each one to hold it in place. While she worked, she said, “I spoke with Elsa on the phone today. She told me what she can do.”

Yup. It was for Elsa.

The choice of stones suddenly made sense. No, not just sense—they were genius. Opal to aid journeying, fluorite to aid focus. Using those stones together, Elsa’s psychic ability of astral projection would be heightened. They would give her more control.


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