Unfamiliar Voices

Exploring how Finn’s powers are malfunctioning in Lingering Touch was really creepy.


It was hard enough to write what it was like for him to have another consciousness pushing into his mind. I hate to think about what it would be like in reality.


The Summer Park Psychics, book three

They passed the last building, the scenery reverting to thick foliage crowding between palm trees and pines. Damn, Clearview was tiny. Most of the buildings had busted-out windows and peeling paint.

“That was one shitty town,” Jazz said.

He couldn’t disagree. People were struggling here. He could feel it.

“I saw a bar that wasn’t boarded up,” he said. “That’s our best bet.”

“Let’s hope Michael’s cousin is a drinker then.”

From what Finn had seen, he wouldn’t doubt it. Not much of an eater, though. That nickname Michael kept using was just cruel. Finn almost felt sorry for the guy.


She turned the SUV around using a side street, then headed back the way they had come. The parking lot for the bar had tons of potholes filled with sand and gravel. The SUV bounced as if they were driving off-road.

“Pull around so you’re facing the street.” He scanned the area, looking for the best place to park. “There. Park there. If we need to, we’ll be able to get out fast and it’d take several trucks to block us in.”

She raised her eyebrows and glanced at him, but did as he said. “You get to think about fun stuff in your line of work.”

He shrugged. “Things happen. I don’t like repeating mistakes.”

Like being with you.

What the f#&^. He was seriously about to reach into his head and punch his brain. The lack of sleep must be getting to him more than he thought. Or the nightmares.

The most recent one… It was different. He suppressed a shudder.

Dreaming from his sister’s perspective made a lot of sense now that he knew their relationship. He’d researched psychic powers enough to know about the twin bond. Even non-psychic twins had heightened connections.

Experiencing what happened to her was horrible, but he understood it. What he didn’t understand was the dream on the way to Clearview—the nightmare from Michael’s point of view.

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