Corn Moon Goals — 2021

Today is the new Corn Moon, and again, I almost missed it. This can only mean one thing.

Something is wrong with my planning system.

I’ve been thinking about this in context with the New Corn Moon and wondering how I can apply the current lunar energy to my dilemma. For me, the Corn Moon is supposed to help me find “what grows corn for me.” What helps my productivity, my happiness, my life? What hinders it?

I think it’s going to come down to perspective.

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WIP Wednesday — Nuar

I probably started these way too early. It’s just so hard to sit on a finished book without sharing it! As I write the other books in the series, though, I’m getting ideas for making everything better, then I have to go back and make changes. I can only do that if I wait till they’re all pretty much ready to start publishing them.

The good news is, when I launch the first book, the rest of the series should be complete (I hope)! And while you wait, I’ll keep sharing snippets here 💖

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