WIP Wednesday — Nuar

I probably started these way too early. It’s just so hard to sit on a finished book without sharing it! As I write the other books in the series, though, I’m getting ideas for making everything better, then I have to go back and make changes. I can only do that if I wait till they’re all pretty much ready to start publishing them.

The good news is, when I launch the first book, the rest of the series should be complete (I hope)! And while you wait, I’ll keep sharing snippets here 💖

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WIP Wednesday — Nuar

I finished the first round of edits on Nuar and I’m so excited to share these exciting new stories with you! The plots are much more involved and connected than the novellas in The Department of Homeworld Security, which is part of why the Cygnian 7 will be novel-length instead.

I want this Sci-fi Romance adventure to be absolutely amazing, so it’s going to be a bit till they’re ready, but I’m going to start sharing snippets with you here. Buckle up, because it’s going to be quite a ride!

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Nothing to Declare

I introduced a town called Harbor, Kansas in Homeworld for the Holidays, and decided to spend some time there for book thirteen. Nothing to Declare is about a woman who refuses to believe that aliens are real in a small town that has the most reports of alien encounters in The Department of Homeworld Security‘s Earth. Part of the reason for that is that Craig loves to hang out there 😉

The space cats figure in tangentially as well, and we get to meet a new Scorpiian! Nothing to Declare furthers the plot line as well as introducing us to new characters and a new setting where we’ll be spending lots of time going forward.

Nothing to Declare 400 px Cover

She’s sure that aliens aren’t real—until she falls for one.

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Homeworld for the Holidays

Book twelve in The Department of Homeworld Security series takes us in a new direction—quite literally. Homeworld for the Holidays features an Earth chef named Buddy and Nika, chief engineer for the Reckoning.

We get to see more of what makes the space kittens so special in a way that I really enjoy. Much of this series is about looking at things with fresh eyes and noticing things we’ve never noticed before. When Buddy meets Patches, the fiestiest of the kittens, she’s able to communicate her name to him. He sees that she looks like a kitten, but doesn’t really have preconceived notions of what she can do and if she really is a standard Earth cat. Because of that, he’s able to see her for the extraordinary life form that she is.

Can you tell that I’m excited about the space cats? Because I’m very excited about the space cats.

I had an absolute blast writing an actual holiday special novella in this world. I added so many of my own favorite parts of the season. Family, friends, pets, music, lights, food. And I did my best to make this book as inclusive as possible. I’ve heard from so many readers that I succeeded there, and their gratitude warms my heart to this day.

We also got to see our first actual Cygnians in this book, and do I ever have plans for them! But that…is another series 😉

He wanted to spend Christmas with the girl of his dreams—but never dreamt they’d spend it in space!

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Import Quarantine

For book eleven in The Department of Homeworld Security series, something amazing happened. I was invited to join the incredible authors in the Pets in Space® 4 anthology with my novella, Import Quarantine.

This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I had so much fun, I leapt at the chance when invited for the Pets in Space® 5 anthology the next year. Again, it was just so amazing working with such talented and generous authors.

Import Quarantine ended up being yet another favorite in this series. I had already spent time with Dane and Brigid, who are Marq and Caitlin’s twins. Marq and Dane have one of the most fascinating—and emotionally taxing—of the backstories in the series. Again, I did my best to keep the camera off of that part of the story, and show more how their relationship developed because of that.

This book also introduces a trio of characters that figure in significantly in later stories—or maybe I should say significatly 😆 Marq’s cat, Meredith, has a litter of kittens on board the Reckoning. In the books ahead, we find that these are no ordinary kittens. They’re space-kittens! And that makes them extra special. But is that all that’s behind their unusual traits? We’ll just have to see!

It was supposed to be a simple house call for a sick cat, so how’d she end up on a spaceship?

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