Book Review — “Temporary Duty Assignment”

I’ve been wanting to start writing more in-depth book reviews here, and what better way to start the ball rolling than with A.E. Ash‘s Temporary Duty Assignmentbrought to you by Book Smugglers Publishing 🙂

Disclaimer 1: Yes, A.E. is my writing bestie—but I wouldn’t write a review like this if I didn’t love the piece 🙂

Disclaimer 2: I should probably also share that I have a degree in literary analysis. I love thinking about what I read almost as much as the reading itself <3 I’ll try to keep from going down too many rabbit holes with you 🙂

Let’s get to it!

Check out this gorgeous cover by Reiko Murakami.

One of the things I love about A.E.’s works is that she usually hits me right in the feels. We’ve talked about it before—how I am weirdly synchronized to her works and really “get it” a lot more than some. (Writers, this is what it looks like when you find an “ideal reader”, and if you can find that in someone who is also a close friend, you are very, very blessed). Continue reading “Book Review — “Temporary Duty Assignment””