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Today is the release day for Wandering Soul! Happy Birthday, dear book!

When I signed on with Samhain Publishing, it seemed like this day was so far away. Looking back, the time flew by! I’ve learned so much and had such an amazing experience working with my editor, Holly Atkinson, and all the people at Samhain.

I’ve been doing my best to fill my time with writing. Since April of last year, I’ve written seven novellas and a novel O.o Four of the novellas are part of a series I’ll eventually get back to, but will most likely morph into full-length novels. I started another novel as well, but decided to put my energy and focus into two series.

One is a scifi erotica novella series that starts with Gray Cardcoming out from Samhain Publishing this October. I’ve written the next two in that series and am hoping to hear good news from Holly about them both. They were so much fun to write and I hope to write more in this series eventually.

Wandering Soul is the first of The Summer Park Psychics series. The second book will be coming out from Samhain Publishing in January of 2016. I’ll be announcing the title of the second book this week and I’m working on the third book right now!

With The Summer Park Psychics, I set out to write a series of paranormal romances that  focused on the characters more than the supernatural elements of their world. The reviews I’ve seen really picked up on that, which is very gratifying! You can read what people are saying about Wandering Soul on my Books page.

I am so grateful for this experience and hope people really enjoy Wandering Soul and the books that come after!

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