Why Romance?

Sometimes people ask me why I choose to write Romances. First and foremost—I am a fan of love. The initial spark of attraction, the deepening knowledge of each other that feeds the fire, the moment when the warmth of the emotion soaks in soul-deep and they know. I can’t get enough of that.

Second—I am an optimist. Sometimes it’s easy to maintain this outlook. Oftentimes it’s a challenge. I want to spend my time with characters that I know will eventually find their way to a Happily Ever After.

That doesn’t mean I won’t put huge obstacles in their paths first. I want to see my characters face challenges and figure their way out of problems.

And that’s the main reason that I write romance. I want my characters to figure things out, to find their way to the brightest possible future for themselves. I love showing my characters finding their path and the person they want to walk it with.

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  1. I really do agree with this post on many levels. Romance is optimism. Not blind optimism, but realizing love can be worked for, fought for, and maintained. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

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