Awesome News!

It’s been one month since Wandering Soul was published. I have to admit, it threw me for more of a loop than I anticipated. There were many days of stunned staring as my brain gradually acknowledged that this is real! My first book is out there and being read (and enjoyed 😀 ). It’s been amazing.

While this was going on, I finished edits on the second Summer Park Psychics novel, started writing the third, and…I signed on for another scifi novella with Samhain Publishing!

The second Department of Homeworld Security novella is officially happening 😀 Edits on that should be starting any time now, and the third novella is already written. They are HOT!

The first Department of Homeworld Security novella, Gray Card, is coming out in just Gray Card by Cassandra Chandlertwo months! Apparently, there are already advanced copies out there for review (maybe it’s on NetGalley?). I’m still learning the ropes, but am doing my best to have as much fun with it all as possible.

To that point, I’m already starting to think about the next story arc for The Department of Homeworld Security erotica novella series. I plan to write them interspersed with the two novels that make up what I’m currently calling The Spider-Headed Zombie Romance (working title 😉 ). I’m looking forward to getting back into werewolves and vampires and seriously scary Fae creatures.

Happy reading to you all!

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