Gray Card has Launched!

I’m so thrilled that Gray Card launched today! I have many series in the works, and The Department of Homeworld Security is one of my favorites!

Cute SpaceshipThe novellas feature super-hot genetically engineered aliens who spend so much of their lives focusing on technology that they’ve lost touch with their bodies—until they encounter Earthlings eager to remind them of just how entertaining bodies can be 😉 The stories are lighthearted and fun.

So many awesome things are already happening surrounding Gray Card. RT Book Reviews chose its cover as one of their top ten for October! You can actually vote for your favorite among their list here:

Gray Card has been hanging in at around fourth place! The cover is by Syneca and absolutely captures the feel of the story.

You can also check out this great review from Library Journal:

I’m so excited about this series and have a lot more in store for you! The second novella, Resident Alien, is in final edits right now, and I’ll be submitting the third novella to my editor next week! And then it’s on to the next series arc, which is already coming together nicely. These books are so much fun to write. I hope you have just as much fun reading them!

You can buy Gray Card from Samhain Publishing‘s site or at 🙂

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