Happy Halloween! (a little early)

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. The creativity involved in coming up with costumes and becoming someone (or something) different has always appealed to my writer’s heart. This is also the Celtic holiday of Samhain, when the veil between worlds is thought to be thinnest. Those who have passed are free to return, along with more otherworldly beings. It’s a night steeped in dreams and “what-ifs”.

I used to go for long walks on Samhain after the sun set, carrying packets of salt and iron nails in my pockets just in case I encountered roaming spirits or fairies. I made sure there was a jack-o’-lantern on the stoop to trick any passing visitors from beyond the veil into thinking that one of their number was already messing with my household.

This year Halloween will pass more quietly as I stay at home—keeping my loved ones close, mulling cider and sharing stories. I know it won’t be too long before I’m roaming the streets again on Halloween night, exploring the veil.

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