The Mourning Moon

The Mourning Moon
It’s tiny, but it’s there.

October’s full moon was about removing things from my life—letting objects, thoughts, or feelings go if they no longer served me. November’s full moon is the deeper pass.

Now is the time to let go of things that I once cherished, but are now merely draining my energy. Accomplishments I tried to achieve, but fell short on, projects left unfinished or that I probably will never begin. This is the time to reflect on those things briefly, then finally lay them to rest.

Expectations can be thorny. Every perceived failure pricks at the soul and lets energy bleed from it. This month, I’ll be focusing on sealing those energy sinks—letting go of all those expectations, grieving the things that didn’t go the way I wanted, and clearing room for new hopes, new aspirations, and new paths.

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