Winding Down

The year is starting to wind down. It’s hard to notice sometimes with the jostling, bustling holiday season. Everyone is running around, buying gifts, eating good food, sharing even better company. It’s a beautiful time. A very busy time.

In the midst of tracking holiday schedules, trying to fit in the last of my projects for 2015, and keeping up with life in general, I’m getting ready for another launch in just over a month. Whispering Hearts will be coming out in January! My first book of 2016. I’m so happy to begin the year with a book that I love so much.

Writing it was a roller-coaster (it usually is). I kept thinking I wasn’t connecting with the characters enough, but then I’d go back and read it and be flooded with emotions. Or I’d question the pacing, but after getting a little distance, find that it was fine.

I’ve loved Garrett since the moment I met him in Wandering Soul. It took longer to get to know Rachel, but once I did, she became just as dear to me. I’m looking forward to readers getting to know them better as well!

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