Happy New Year!

Wow, this new year is off to a running start! Whispering Hearts has launched 😀 I’m so happy to see how well it’s being received.

The year will be filled with exciting writing news. We’ve already seen the second Summer Park Psychics book hit the shelves, and the third should be released in August!

You’ll find in reading Whispering Hearts that the third book tells the story of Jazz and Finn. The second and third book happen at the same time, so I had to write and plot them simultaneously. That was a challenge! But I love seeing scenes from multiple perspectives, and you’ll get to see overlap in both books. Fun! I also have some surprises in store with that third book. Stay tuned!

Resident Alien will be released on April 26, and the third novella in The Department of Homeworld Security series should be released in November of this year! That will wrap up the current series arc. Don’t worry, though—I have two more series arcs under development for this world.

While I’m helping those books into the world, I’ll also be working on a brand new paranormal romance novel series. It started out as novellas I was working on last year, but there’s too much these stories want to say for that format. Now I’m looking at a story that will fill six novels! The first book is nearing the half-way point in the first draft and the series arc is already mapped out. It will have vampires, werewolves, and even the fey! *sighs in contentment*

So, pull up a chair and get ready for a super-fun ride! 2016 is going to be a year full of awesome!


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