The Top Ten Ways I Celebrate Finishing a Book

KiteI’ve sent in the final round of edits for Lingering Touch where I let myself make changes. From here on out, it’s checking in with editors and looking over final proofs. That’s a lot more relaxing than hunting through the text trying to find any places where I can make the story stronger. I have to say, I think this is my best work yet.

Now it’s time to celebrate 😀 I thought I’d share what a party animal I am (not) by letting you in on…


The Top Ten Ways I Celebrate Finishing a Book

And here they are.
10. Going to bed early.
9. Chocolate.
8. Heading to the park for a walk on woodland trails.
7. Catching up on laundry.
6. Cleaning my house.
5. Watching a little extra TV.
4. Flossing.
3. Flying a kite.
2. More chocolate.
1. Writing another book.


And there you have it. Sometimes I even do more than one. It’s important to remember to have a little fun outside of the pages 🙂

What about you? How do you celebrate a creative accomplishment?

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