Looking to the Future

Last Summer RoseLast week ended with news I was not expecting. Samhain Publishing announced they were planning on shutting down. It didn’t feel real at the time. It still doesn’t. Things can take sudden turns in the publishing industry. It’s so strange to think that I had originally planned a cover reveal for this week, but am writing this instead.

Every step of the way on this journey, Samhain has been incredibly supportive and professional. Their closing is no different. Watching how everyone involved in their company—authors, editors, artists, staff—are banding together and being positive, offering to help each other, it only furthers my respect for Samhain. They created something great. It’s truly a loss to the industry for them to close their doors.

I’m a stronger writer and a stronger person for having worked with them. They taught me so much. In the end, my gratitude overwhelms the sadness that goes along with this.

Resident Alien will still be released on April 26 (yay!). The books after that… I’m not sure. What I do know is that they will be published eventually, one way or another. I won’t give up on them. And in the meantime, the new stories must go on (and there are so many of them!).

I still have the final chapter and epilogue of the current paranormal romance novel to finish, and I’ve already started work on a super secret and exciting project that I hope to have available by the end of this month! After that, I have another secret project that I’ll begin work on and will be sharing more about later. Stay tuned!

This is just another turn on the twisting path of being an author in the new millennium. A sad one, most certainly. But one that leaves me grateful for everything that’s come before and eager to explore what comes after.


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