The Quickening Moon

Lantern Sunset

February is the most challenging month for me. I often spend it fighting off colds, with varying degrees of success. This year was no exception. The month usually passes as something of a blur.

I checked my planner today and saw that there’s a full moon tonight—one I haven’t written (or really thought much) about before. The full moon today is called the Quickening Moon. It warrants my attention. Quickening is a powerful word. It means that something is growing, and the speed of its growth is accelerating. Momentum is building, moving toward…what?

Still deep in the fog of February, I realized that I wasn’t sure.

The year ahead of me is going to be filled with both awesomeness and challenges. That’s just life. I can’t control that. But I can decide how I react to what occurs and what surrounds me.

I can spend the rest of this month dwelling on the winter we’re emerging from and the extra baggage it involved, or I can look ahead to the spring right in front of me, and the shedding of what I picked up along the way that doesn’t serve me. Whichever focus I choose to give my time and attention to—that’s the one that will grow.

The Quickening Moon is a time to make choices. Where will we put our energy going forward? What future are we headed to? And is it one of our choosing or have we fallen into the path of default decisions?

It’s an important moon indeed.

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