The Quickening Moon — 2017

This year’s Quickening Moon finds me in a very different frame of mind from last year. There’s no fog, and I seem to have dealt with my winter colds in January (I hope!). Still, I don’t have the extreme focus that I’ve had for the last year and a half with my writing—and it’s a conscious choice.

Bright Moon

Instead of using this moon as a meditative focus to put energy into one project, I have many getting my attention right now.

  • I have a new Indie short story coming out next week
  • I’m writing a short piece to submit to a special call that’s due at the end of next month (check out the awesome cover in the sidebar!)
  • I’ve been learning about marketing and creating ads for my backlist
  • I’m working on the next Blades of Janus novel and making good progress with it
  • I’m plotting out the fifth Department of Homeworld Security novella
  • I’m waiting to hear back about a submission that has incredible potential for my writing
  • Oh, and I’m still working on the puppet project
AtCassChandler Puppet Head
I really need to make more than just the head.


It’s a different experience, quickening all of these projects at once. Last year’s writing felt like trying to cut through steel with a laser. 2017 feels more like trying to build up a tidal wave—giving energy and attention to so many projects at once.

From what I’ve learned as I’ve built this writer’s path, this is what the next phase of my writing career is going to look like. I’m going to need to be able to jump from one project to another, from one type of task to another.

Along with this Quickening Moon, there’s a lunar eclipse tonight that will last for several hours. That brings in the other new aspect of my writing career that I need to work on—resting. I won’t always be putting my energy into my projects.

Scheduling in down time is as important as making a plan for finishing projects, and is something I think I lacked while building my backlist. I want to set up a writer’s life that’s sustainable and that supports my non-writer’s life as well (yup, I actually have one of those!).

And that’s what I’m thinking about today.

Do you have any special plans for the eclipse or the Quickening Moon tonight? Any projects that you’re hoping to give special attention or more energy to? I’d love to hear about it in the comments 🙂

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