“Second Sight” is Live!

Second Sight by Cassandra Chandler
Cover by Matthew Blake

Here is my official blog post about “Second Sight” launching 😀

I’m thrilled to announce that my first self-published story is out in the world!

Second Sight” is a short story (approximately 5,800 words) set in a world where some humans have developed superpowers. It centers around Andi, a woman whose precognitive gifts have shown her that the Earth is in danger of being destroyed—as well as possible paths to avoid that fate.

I had so much fun playing with form in this story. With Andi constantly being connected to multiple future timestreams, I ended up writing “Second Sight” in first person present tense—which was new for me. I wanted the reader to feel how she really has to hold on to the present moment. It was fascinating how her character informed my writing as much as my writing informed her character.

Of course, this is also a love story. Andi isn’t just trying to save the world—she’s also trying to hold on to some sense of normalcy in her life, which for her mainly centers around her girlfriend, Lesya.

This story focuses on a pivotal moment for Andi and the team of superheroes she’s bringing together in her attempt to save humanity. I hope you enjoy it!


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