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Lingering Touch by Cassandra ChandlerWhile I’m celebrating my first Indie release, I’m also celebrating Lingering Touch being available for pre-order! I love this cover, this story, these characters…

This is the last release I have on Samhain Publishing’s calendar. I think they’re going to be selling the books they currently have available for a while, though—especially considering that Lingering Touch isn’t even coming out till August. There’s still time to visit their site and support your favorite authors 😀

I’m gearing up to get serious on my next big project. It’s a full length scifi romance that I’ve actually been working on for years. I went back and read an early draft and WOW there is a reason I waited till my seventh book before submitting (well, not counting my first book that I sent in right away *cringes*).

This one is going to be an Indie project all the way, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’m starting fresh, going so far as to rename and recast all the characters in my mind. I’ve made notes on the few snippets of dialogue worth keeping, and the rest is going in the trimbin. I can’t wait to see that first blank page and start filling it up with this story!

How about you? What are you excited to be working on right now?

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