My First Indie Cover Reveal!

Okay, so this is exciting and nerve-racking and…and… I think I need to sit down for a moment. It’s my very first ever Indie cover reveal! Presenting, Second Sight!

Second Sight by Cassandra Chandler
Cover by Matthew Blake

I have a few graphic novel series that I’d love to create eventually, and this short story is a glimpse of one of them. I wanted this cover to be hand-drawn instead of based on photographs to capture the graphic novel feel.

Talking to the artist about the design, I asked for a destroyed Earth viewed from a lunar landscape. I told him I was concerned people wouldn’t recognize Earth without the continents or oceans (which had all boiled away). He went back to his storyboard, sketched for a few minutes, then turned it around to show me the view with the footprints and the American flag. Perfect!

I love this cover so much (and the artist behind it 🙂 ). As an added treat, I’m including the blurb too!

When you go Indie, you’re really putting yourself out there. It’s just you and your work. I’m extremely grateful to have the support of so many other talented writers, artists, creators, and awesome human beings. I couldn’t have made it this far without you.

Presenting…the blurb:

The cruelest trick of Fate? Making her choose.

Andi can see the future, and it doesn’t look good. Another superpowered human is determined to either rule the Earth or destroy it. A crucial moment is fast approaching when he’ll try to kidnap a child whose powers will be key in his plans, unless Andi and her own team of superheroes can get to the child first.

With the fate of the world in the balance, Andi puts her own life on the line—without realizing she’s also risking her heart.


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