The Storm Moon

Today is March’s full moon. It’s sometimes called the Storm Moon.

Bright Moon

Storms are often thought of as tumultuous events that can inspire fear. Having been in a hurricane, I understand this. But storms are also cleansing. Lightning strikes can cause forest fires, which burn away layers of underbrush and encourage new growth. Winds clear detritus, and rains wash away dust and dirt.

The winds of change are blowing strong in my life right now. I need to carefully choose what I want to hold on to. Bad habits and things that are wastes of time need to be released so the energy of the Storm Moon can sweep them away and clear space for better choices and better habits. Fear, self-doubt, unhealthy habits—all of those can be blown away. Things that are precious need to be held close. I’ll be spending my time and energy on my writing, my health, and my loved ones.

Every day we choose what to keep in our lives and what to let drift away. What will you choose to hold on to?

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