Multiple Perspectives

Lingering Touch by Cassandra ChandlerI have to admit, it was difficult to write Lingering Touch. I delved into some very dark places that I did not want to think about. There were scenes where I actually had to walk away from my keyboard, psyching myself up to write what came next.

And then there were the edits with my editor, the amazing Holly Atkinson, which were the most challenging to date. The end result is a powerful book that I am so proud of. The characters are strong, the plot filled with action. It has love, uncertainty, danger, and yes, even more alligators 🙂

You can also look forward to a real treat for fans of the Summer Park Psychics series—the prologue for this book shows what it looked like when Elsa brought Dante forward through time from an outside (and psychic) perspective. It also shows you everything Jazz and Finn were up to during the events of Whispering Hearts.

I’ve always loved reading series that had overlapping events told from multiple characters’ points of view. It adds layers, complexity, and a level of immersion that goes deeper than seeing things from a single character’s point of view.

Now that I’ve written it, I can say, it’s really hard to pull off! I pored over timelines for days, making sure that everything worked. It was absolutely worth it in the end. I hope you agree!

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