The Spider-Headed Zombie Scifi Romance

I have a special treat for you today. It’s the cover/title reveal for the spider-headed zombie scifi romance! Now we can all call it by it’s real name 😀

Presenting… The Blades of Janus, Book One — Pack.

Blades of Janus - Pack, by Cassandra Chandler

This book is so near and dear to my heart. It has werewolves, ray guns, ghouls, hoverbikes, and my scifi take on fairies. SO MUCH FUN! I hope this book finds its way into others’ hearts as well <3

I might be addicted to making my own covers.

This book is much darker than anything I’ve put out yet. It’s a scifi romance at its core, but has the feel of an Urban Fantasy and is heavy with paranormal and even horror elements. Each book in the series is set up as a romance, though, with the developing love staying at the center of the storylines.

And here’s more news—I’m moving up the release date for this one! I’m aiming for the digital release to be on or near September 22, the Autumn Equinox. The print release will be…sometime in October at the earliest. I’m still figuring my way through that process. I’m so excited to share this story with you 😀

Here’s the blurb!



Copyright © 2016 Cassandra Chandler

The monsters of legend are not what we think—their origins much more distant. Dwellers are among us. A flitting shadow seen from the corner of your eye. An animal that’s not quite natural. Even a normal-seeming human you pass on the street. But for these alien organisms to make Earth their home, they need a host.

The greatest danger lurks beneath their skin.

Tessa has been as good as dead for seven years—ever since the dweller that killed her family decided to turn her into one of its kind. She’s kept the infection at bay while taking out as many dwellers as possible, but knows her time is almost up. Going out fighting was always her plan, until she meets a man with golden eyes and a touch that makes her want to change her destiny. A touch surely too gentle to belong to a werewolf…

Marcus has dedicated his life to the Blades of Janus, hoping to build peace between humans and dwellers and find a place for himself in the process. He’s used the strength, speed, and heightened senses of his own dweller nature with that single-minded focus—but when Tessa Rhodes storms into his life, all he can focus on is her.

Tessa’s arrival upsets the balance among all the Blades in Providence, awakening an urge Marcus has fought since he was turned—the longing for a pack. If he can convince her not to kill him, to let him fight at her side, they stand a chance against the dweller who infected her—and maybe a chance at something more.

Welcome to the town of Providence. There’s much more to come!

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