Sunday Surprise — Cover Reveal!

Hey, everybody! Work has been progressing on the nonfiction book highlighting some of the things I’ve learned so far on my writing journey. I finished the final galleys today! I also have a cover to share. Are you ready?

Crafting a Writer's Life, by Cassandra Chandler

It turned out about perfect. I had two things I wanted for the cover: I wanted it simple and purple. Ta-da!

The book is also simple and straight to the point. I wanted to keep it as short as possible to be used as a handy reference and a starting off point for writers—if they see something interesting, they can research it more fully.

My own writing systems are always evolving and changing. Each project seems to have different needs, as does my life at the time I’m working on it. It’s a challenge, but one of the most rewarding activities of my life.

I hope you’re finding things that bring you joy as well.

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