Focusing on Happiness—Week Eight

What I’m happy about this week: having an action plan.

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I always do better when I have an idea of where I’m heading, what’s important to me, and what I want to be working on each day—or even each moment. I made a list of areas that I want to keep in my focus. I may not be able to do all of them 100% of the time, but referring to this list will help me remember my priorities and ways I can make a difference in the world—and be happier myself.

Here’s my personal action plan:

  1. Connect with people in my community.
    • Hold doors open for people.
    • Be patient while driving.
    • Ask how people are doing.
    • Make eye contact and smile.
    • Speak up for myself and others with respect and compassion.
  2. Watch my environmental impact.
    • Try to use less paper (like using cloth napkins instead of paper towels).
    • Turn off lights when I’m not in the room.
    • Be aware of my water use.
    • Drive less and walk more (which gives me more chances to run into people in my community and connect with them).
  3. Take care of myself (here’s a great post by A.E. Ash filled with ideas for self-care).
    • Make sure I’m eating, drinking, and sleeping well.
    • Get moving—do yoga and go for more walks.
    • Do things I love (like write!).
    • Educate myself on the things that matter to me.
  4. Practice gratitude—I need to remember that I am blessed and to focus on the specific things that are blessings to me.

There’s much happening in our world, and it can seem overwhelming. I want to keep working toward making the world a better place for those who are here now and the generations to come. That focus keeps me happy.

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