Happy Anniversary, Whispering Hearts!

A year ago today, Whispering Hearts, the second Summer Park Psychics book, was released into the world. This book will always have a special place in my heart because it includes my favorite hero I’ve written so far—Garrett Wolfstrom: Hunky Doctor <3

Whispering Hearts by Cassandra Chandler

It was also my first “second book in a series”. Publishing a title is an amazing feeling. Seeing a series move forward… That takes it to a whole new level. Whispering Hearts was my first taste of that.

Working with Samhain Publishing on this series has been an incredible experience. My editor, Holly Atkinson, struck the perfect balance of cheerleader and advisor (check out her freelance editing shop!). And I adore this cover by Kanaxa. It absolutely captures the feel of the book and embodies the heroine, Rachel. I also love the male figure in the bottom corner, that could either be Garrett or the spirit haunting Rachel. The integration of rain and thunderclouds in the background is just epic given how storms play in to the story.

The first arc of the Summer Park Psychics series is completed with Wandering Soul, Whispering Hearts, and Lingering Touch. After finishing the story of this close-knit band of friends, I thought I would be done with Summer Park. Not so. Ideas are building. I see their children grown. Those stories are already coming to me. And other inhabitants of Summer Park are introducing themselves, asking for their stories to be told.

I’ll get to them all in due time. But for today, I’m going to take a moment to remember the time I’ve spent with these amazing characters, and all the adventures we’ve shared together.

Happy Anniversary <3

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