Focusing on Happiness—Week Fifteen

What I’m happy about this week: the winter woods.

Winter Woods

There hasn’t been much snow on the ground, but the woods have a decidedly winter cast to them. You can feel the restiveness of the forest as the trees fall deeply into their slumber. I love being able to see the patterns in the branches and through the trees into the heart of the forest.

Of course, winter has more appeal than just walks in the woods. It’s the best time of year for knitting, and I’ve been keeping my needles busy. I finished the wrist warmers that go with this year’s hat over the weekend, and love how cozy and snug (and purple) they turned out.

Plum Wristwarmers

I have an idea for one last piece to go with this set that would be something like a mock balaclava. We’ll see how that turns out.

There are still months left of this season to enjoy. I intend to focus on what brings me joy as much as possible.

How are you keeping yourself busy on your cold winter days (or long summer ones, for my Southern Hemisphere friends)?

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