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The first story arc in the world of The Summer Park Psychics is completed, but there’s much more in store for that universe. I’m not sure when I’ll be writing those stories, but I know it will happen eventually. Partly because I’m still living with one foot in their world.

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I’ve written about tracking fictional events in my planner. I’m still doing that. Every year, I write in the birthdays of my friends in Summer Park, along with important events in their lives. I make notes of when babies are born and think about what their lives are like right now in that alternate universe in my mind.

All of those friends have started to be joined by others. I’m slowly adding important dates for people in my other worlds. Birthdays for the Blades of Janus. Events for…the super-secret Paranormal Romance series that’s currently subbed out (*fingers crossed*—this is a big one). Writing these dates in my planner helps me to keep things straight and lends a realism to my writing that I hope my readers feel as well.

I plan to keep tracking these dates in future years. As I look at events for my own life in reality, I’m going to check in with all these people I care about in their alternate worlds. Ideas may come, little images of their daily life or monumental events that will make it onto the page. It’s yet another way to keep in touch with these fictional people I’ve come to care about so much.

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