Happy Birthday, Dante!

On this day two years ago, I posted birthday wishes for Dante, the hero of my first published novel, Wandering Soul. I gave my readers a peek into what his life was like before the events of that story (they took place starting on April 25).

Wandering Soul is about Elsa Sinclair, a time-traveling romance novelist who goes back in time and discovers Dante, the man behind the legend of The Phantom of the Opera. She brings him to modern times to save his life, and they fall in love.

Wandering Soul by Cassandra Chandler

I’ve always been obsessed with fascinated by The Phantom of the Opera story, and daydreamed endlessly about what it would be like if there was a regular person—a kind, intelligent, wonderful person—at the root of the legend, and he somehow found out about the stories that grew up from his life. When Wandering Soul found a home at Samhain Publishing, it was a dream come true. I was so happy that this would be the first story that I ever had published. Much of that was because Dante is so dear to me.

Since that post two years ago, there have been many changes in my life in reality and in Dante’s fictional world of the Summer Park Psychics series. Among my changes was my publisher deciding to shut down and returning the rights to this series to me. I’m working on finding them a new home while also developing more ideas for the series. They won’t be away for long!

Dante’s life changes are in a way even bigger than when he traveled through time over a century in Wandering Soul—he and Elsa are expecting a baby girl! Alexis is due in May and Dante can’t wait to meet her. Elsa is, of course, a nervous wreck, but Dante, Winston, and their makeshift family of friends are helping her through this, being there for her just as she has always been there for them.

Rachel and Garrett have been busy with their own little one, Hiram, whose first birthday is coming up this week <3 The next Summer Park story features his nanny, and will really amp the suspense factor to this paranormal romance series. And that’s a really good reminder for me that I need to get that story written if I intend for it to be published in a timely manner!

I’m working hard to get the first three Summer Park Psychics novels available again as soon as possible. This is my only paranormal suspense romance series, bordering on contemporary romance in their feel. If you decide to get adventurous, you can check out some of my scifi romances or the superhero short story series. I promise I’ll get more of this series out to you as soon as possible <3

Thanks for reading!

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