It’s Resident Alien’s Re-Release Day!

Hey, everybody! Resident Alien just re-released today 😀 I’m so excited to share this novella with readers.

Resident Alien, by Cassandra Chandler

Resident Alien is the second book in The Department of Homeworld Security series. It’s the story of a communications specialist whose hobby is trying to contact alien life, and the alien soldier whose attention he definitely captures 🙂

Both characters are isolated among their people—Kira, due to her solo posting as an observer in a listening station orbiting Earth, and Brendan due to his… Well, due to his geekiness, really 🙂 They forge a connection while talking over his top-secret communications relay, with Brendan not realizing that he’s talking to an actual alien. He realizes his error when Kira shows up in his backyard in an escape pod!

To celebrate Resident Alien‘s release, I’ve set Gray Card as free until Friday, April 14, 2017 🙂 I hope you’ll join me in following the adventures of these passionate Earthlings and the Sadirians who just can’t resist them <3

You can read excerpts for Resident Alien here and here on my blog, and here’s the book’s blurb. Thanks for reading!

He reached for the stars—and touched her heart.

When Brendan Sloan sends transmissions into deep space, he never thinks his dream of contacting aliens will come true. The sultry voice that responds is something out of his geeky dreams. He’s convinced Kira was sent by his government to keep an eye on him while he’s on vacation—that is, until she shows up on his doorstep in a silver spaceship.

To escape the vicious Tau Ceti, Kira had to destroy the listening station where she’s been observing Earthlings for two years—alone. She should never have responded to Brendan’s broadcasts, but something about him drew her in. Now, he’s the only person she can turn to for help, because the Tau Ceti aren’t done with her—or Earth.

Working together, they may be able to protect Brendan’s homeworld, but can they also save their love?

This is the second edition of the same novella originally released in April of 2016.
Approximately 23,000 words.

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