“Tied up in Customs” Cover Reveal!

The fourth Department of Homeworld Security novella is almost here. That means it’s time for a cover reveal!

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Are you ready?



My newsletter subscribers absolutely loved it 😀 And what’s not to love? I think this is my new favorite Homeworld cover. It’s also the first story in the second series arc!

So, do you remember in Resident Alien, when Brendan says he’s taken action that will ensure that the Coalition can’t make decisions for Earth without working with Earthlings? And then toward the end of Business or Pleasure General Serath (aka Adam Smith) says, “Sorca has been dispatched to retrieve the fourth prospective member of the First Contact committee.”

Both of these center around Brendan’s handler, Eric, who has no idea what he’s in for when Sorca shows up to “escort” him to the Arbiter. Brendan originally planned to meet Eric himself, but when it turned out that his sister, Paige, was in danger, he turned his focus toward making sure she (and the planet) was safe and had Adam send Sorca instead.

I can’t really say that decision was a mistake… I can say that it absolutely didn’t turn out the way either Brendan or Adam envisioned it. I don’t see Eric or Sorca complaining, though 😉

If all goes according to my plan, Tied up in Customs will be available on June 27! Thanks for reading 😀

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