Focusing on Happiness—Week Thirty-Eight

What’s making me happy this week: getting back to my routine.

Celebratory Tea

Taking a break was incredibly helpful. Stress fell away that I didn’t even know I was carrying. And now I’m coming back to my old routine with new eyes. I’m adjusting it a bit, letting go of what I no longer need and settling back into what’s worked for me so well.

My productivity always gets a boost on days that are more structured (i.e. not the weekend 😉 ). But I’m trying to let myself ease back into things instead of hitting the ground running at full tilt. I want to hold on to the sense of peace that’s lingering from my time off—while still getting things done. It’s a delicate balance, but well worth the effort 🙂

What about you? What’s making you smile this week?

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